Friday, January 28, 2011

My Local Church

There's a little place in downtown Wilson, Wy at the end of Main Street where the Buczinskis like to go on Sunday nights to hear the WORD OF GOD taught faithfully and to have dinner with our spiritual family.

I'm thankful to have a community of believers to fellowship with.

I'm thankful that someone is always offering to cook, clean or babysit.

I'm thankful that I have sisters in Christ at Cornerstone Church who encourage me in the Word and help me to hate sin and love JESUS.

I'm thankful for my pastor and his family who have sacrificed a lot to serve this body instead of pursuing the "American Dream".

I'm thankful for discipleship.

Chris and I have been in Jackson almost 3 years and our time at Cornerstone church has been immeasurably profitable. Our church home is growing in numbers and also in maturity. People are eager to serve and love. People are being affected by the truth found in God's Word that is being taught faithfully. We may not be in Jackson for many more years to come, but we are so thankful for this time with our church family!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Can you believe my dad is only 51?? In 51 years Dad has accomplished quite a lot! "Well, what has he ever done?" you ask? Take a peak...

My Dad has FOUR grandkids... one on the way... and two honorary. That makes seven kiddos who lovingly call him Papa and yearn for his attention.

He has been married to his "Lovely Bride" {as he affectionately calls her} for 31 years. He is a better husband now than he has ever been. Thank you Jesus!

He has cleaned the mean streets of Los Angeles of countless criminals.

He has saved lives.

His own life has been saved by Jesus for several decades now.

He has ran from the eastern to the western Sierra Nevadas in one morning approximately eight times now.

He lovingly joined me in the production of The Nutcracker and Peter Pan. And he danced. And when he got fired from the latter play, he was willing to come on as Tinker Bell. Not joking here.

Wow, I am so thankful for my Dad. I have too many good memories of him. My husband claims he spoiled me growing up, but I think it was just selfless love he demonstrated. One time my dad told me that if something happened to Mom, he would just move in with me because we get along so well. He is welcome anytime.

Thank you for being such a fantastic Dad. I love you. Happy Birthday!!

3 Months!

Well, I have a three month old. He is just wonderful! Here is a little Noah Fact Sheet for your reading enjoyment:

Weighing in around 12 lbs, he wears all 3-6 month clothes now... though they are a tad big on him.

He LOVES to smile at Mommy and Daddy and he's very cuddly.

He spends a lot of time just kicking it on his back or in his Bumbo chair while mom cooks and cleans.

He is a champion sleeper! The last three nights he went to bed at 7:30pm... I wake him up to 10:30 to eat...He eats at 4:30am and then sleeps until 8:30 am! This is very exciting for mom.

He has TWO TEETH popping through on his bottom gums.

He has gotten into a giggle fit a couple times and now it's all Mom and Dad try to get him to do.

He is extremely easy going...fine to sit by himself and look at stuff, goes to anyone, usually goes right to sleep when I lay him down.

He wears cloth diapers exclusively now... and Mom loves them!! They are so cute and fuzzy. They are definitely way easier than people make them out to be.

He came out pretty cool, but he is destined to be a nerd because Chris and I are such big dorks. Sorry kid...

Picture Time!
I think Noah's crib looks so cuddly, soft, colorful, warm and friendly... so here is a short series I like to call: Noah's Fanciful Crib Time

Swaddled...but have to have those hands available for sucking

Spending time with Chuma and The Yeti

A very funny hat from Noah's Great Aunt Marsha!

We like to sneak in and snap photos of him sleeping...

{Oh, and the beautiful quilt is from Noah's mom. She makes one for all the grandkids. It's just soooo cute and cuddly that I have to have him sleep on it. I know that I would want to if I was him.}

Chris and I are so very thankful to the Lord that He has given us Noah to look after, love and train up in the fear and admiration of Him. We love our son SOOO much. He brings us joy and smiles every single day. This season is so much fun. He is learning so many new things and smiling a lot. I am trying to prepare my heart for when the training and discipline come in because I know that it's going to be so hard to be faithful in that. I want to do what is very best for Noah and I want to be an example of humility and diligence to him. I hope and pray that I am a mother who makes Christ the center of our family. I often hold him and tear up and just pray that God will save him and use him for wonderful things for His good purposes.