Monday, September 27, 2010

Two More Weeks!

I can't believe that we will be a family of three in a matter of days! Chris and I are sooo excited for Noah to get here. Our hospital bags are packed, we have been meeting with our doula, and we are prepared to pass off any ministry that we are committed to. Chris and I have been thinking and praying a lot about how to make labor and delivery an act of worship to God where we are leaning on His strength to get through it. I have been so encouraged by His Word and by the truths found there that I think will be great motivation to get through labor. I want to look back and be thankful for the grace God gave me to do it naturally and to do it with grace. I know that things may not go the way we planned, but I am preparing my heart to give God praise and glory no matter how the labor and delivery goes.

This past weekend we had our first Cornerstone Church Women's Conference. It was such a great success. Pam Hardy came and spoke on joy. It was such a blessing. I was encouraged and convicted that I need to be depending on the Lord and humbly recognize that I need his Word SO bad. It is my greatest struggle as a Christian to be in His Word faithfully and I want that to change.

Chris and the rest of the steering committee at church spent their weekend in Cora, WY on the Green River planning and praying for our church. It was a really profitable time as well.

Yesterday I thought I was starting early labor because I was having contractions 10 minutes apart that were more uncomfortable than normal and lasted all day. But, sadly, they stopped. I'm hoping that it really is any day now!

I'm very large!

Leslie and Charlotte are coaxing Noah to come out

More Baby Showers!

We had two more baby showers for Noah when I got home from California. My work friends have been planning a "White Trash Baby Shower" for us for several weeks. What fun! You can see in the photos that Chris and I got all dolled up for the event. They decorated the yard with beer cans, a mattress and a pick up truck. Tennille made a DELICIOUS white trash cake and they showered us with lots of money to spend at Babies R Us. We are so thankful for them! I felt really blessed that they would put the energy and money into a party for us. One friend at work has been SO excited about Noah coming. It's awesome to see how my relationships at work have grown after two years at Sidewinders. They are such a fun bunch and it was really a great blessing to celebrate with them.

Of course the amazing women at Cornerstone Church threw me a wonderful shower as well. They are so thoughtful in how they put these types of events together. We had a beautiful brunch at Melissa's house. The main gift that I got there was a bunch of cloth diapers! They were able to get me 25 diapers... mostly fuzzibuns and bumgenius. I'm so excited about them! I also got an ErgoCarrier and a Kelty backpack to carry him in. I can't wait to use all of that stuff! They spent time praying for our little family and encouraging me with Scripture as we embark on this journey. They put together a beautiful little book for me full of Scripture and quotes to remind me of where my focus needs to be in the coming years.

Chris and I have been a very tight budget since August and it has been really incredible to see all the ways that the Lord is providing. We will never have to buy a diaper for our baby boy (or the rest of the kids we have for that matter!). We have everything we need and more and we haven't purchased one thing for Noah! Someone at church gave me a Medela Free Style pump which retails at about $370. What!? We are so overwhelmed and thankful for how God is taking sweet care of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who has blessed us so much!