Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oregon Family Vacation Part 2

We are still enjoying the time together in Oregon! Chris spent another day surfing on Father's Day and he was able to get up on the board this time! I think this is pretty great considering he's never been and he had no teacher. We spent Father's Day browsing the shops downtown and ended up at the marina. We watched 30 sea lions fight and play near the dock and tried Mo's "famous" clam chowder. It was delicious!

Yesterday we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for the first part of the day. Chris had never been to an aquarium before and apparently he had no idea what they were. On the way there he said, "Wait, we're not going to the beach?" I think he thought you ended up out in the ocean at some point when you visited an aquarium. It was pretty small, but they had a shark tunnel and a touch pool which were both very cool. The weather is has been SO beautiful and the rest of the day we spent down at the beach laying out and playing in the surf. Chris and Brad went all the way in, but in order to avoid hypothermia they immediately ran out of the water. It is such cold water! Last night we went to dinner to celebrate 30 years of marriage for mom and dad.

It's been really great to spend time with my niece and nephew. I don't get to see them too often so it has been a sweet time to get to know them better and be an auntie. Amalia is really close already with Chris and I because we have had a lot of time with her, but William doesn't really know us. He is seriously such a cute boy! He's super busy all the time and quite the little bruiser. Ami has me wrapped me around her little finger. I just can't handle how cute she is! She is a super sweet and sensitive girl too. Chris and I love them so much.

Today we are off to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! I'm pretty excited to try some fancy cheeses and get ice cream at their creamery. We are going to play it be ear, but we might drive the extra hour to see Astoria where The Goonies was filmed. Brad and I really want to see Mikey's house.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oregon Family Vacation!

We are on day three of our big "Newbold Family Vacation" on the coast of Oregon and it has been wonderful! Chris and I packed up after work on Thursday and set out for Oregon. I was very proud of myself for driving from 4:30 to midnight. I got to talk to my very good friend Molly for almost 2 hours on the way there. What I really love about our friendship is that when we have the chance to catch up it doesn't feel like 4 months have passed since our last chat. Chris slept for the first shift while I drove across boring eastern Idaho. A point of contention in our relationship when we are on road trips is that I fall asleep constantly. I cannot stay awake to keep him company and it seems like every time we switch driving shifts, I get immediately exhausted. When I am able to drive for 7 straight hours that is an amazing accomplishment! I felt so proud when he woke up and I got to announce that we had made it into Oregon.

From there Chris drove the red eye shift while I tried to sleep in the little bed we made in the back of the Element. At 6 am we arrived in Eugene, OR! I enjoyed a tall skinny cinnamon dulce latte at Starbucks while I read the Word and did some preparation for teaching small group when I get back to Jackson. After that I used our incredibly handy iPhone to navigate my way to all of the maternity shopping in Eugene. I have been struggling to think rightly about my expanding figure and I know that the issue really is contentment. I want so bad to value what God values as beautiful! I know I don't need to be distracted by the fact that I don't fit into my pants anymore, but I can be encouraged that my body is showing signs of this new and blessed season of life. But, the reality is, I don't fit into my pants anymore. So, I was able to go shopping for some very cute new maternity clothes and I was so thankful for the opportunity! Later that afternoon we met up with my parents, Brad, Heather, and the kiddos in the parking lot of Ye Olde Pancake House. What a joy to see the family and start this vacation together!

Distracted by the lush green forests and winding blue river, we made the hour treck from Eugene to the coast of Oregon. Once in Florence, OR we were greeted by sheer cliff edges and the never ending Pacific. What a beautiful coast this is! Around dinner time we made it to our condo in Newport, OR. It didn't take long for us to jump into the rock shower with DOUBLE SHOWER HEADS!! I will say, the idea of two shower heads made me a lot more excited than the actual experience. In truth, I felt like I was on a water ride the whole time and kept getting splashed in the face. Our condo is so very beautiful. I will post pics later.

Our first day here we woke up and spent time hanging out, drinking coffee, reading, playing with the kids. Chris was able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep (which rarely happens at home) and he woke up super rested. We all set out for a walk to the nearby Yachina Lighthouse that has been in use since 1872. We explored the tide pools nearby. Brad and I were astounded that Chris had never been to a tide pool. He had never seen a starfish and didn't know the joy of sticking your finger in a slimy sea anenome! What a Kansas boy. From the lighthouse we walked to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed fish and chips... in my case shrimp and chips because I didn't want to waste my allotted mercury consumption for the week on halibut fish and chips. I'm trying to pace myself as I fully intend of indulging in sea food while I am here. After lunch we walked down the sandy beach and Chris surfed for almost three hours! I was so proud of him. He is the type of guy that picks up athletic things very quickly. When we went skiing this Christmas he hadn't skiied for close to 10 years and he jumps right on the black diamonds. I can't say he took to surfing so readily, but he did a great job for having never done it and having to teacher in the water with him. He has the board today too so hopefully he is able to get up and ride for longer.

It has been a joy to spend these last couple days with my family! The Lord has really grown all of us in the last year, and even in the last month. I am thankful for a family that loves Jesus and wants to share fellowship with one another. Excited for the rest of the week with these crazy people!!