Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!

Heather is my brother's wife. She came into the family in 2002 (I think) before I became a believer. It was fun to have a new sister, but I was self-consumed at the time and wasn't thinking much about it. When I unexpectedly got pregnant with Aubrey, Heather was a huge support. She faithfully came to my birthing classes with me and stood by me during labor. She was there when Aubs was born and a deeper friendship was made at that time.

After God saved me in 2003 our relationship took a turn as now we weren't just sisters by law, but we were both a part of the family of God and sisters in Christ. Heather is a dear friend. She was with me when I moved in to my college dorm at Masters, she gave me cooking lessons in her apartment in Northridge, and she stood with me when I married Chris.

Some things I love about Heather...

She has a big laugh.

She is a fantastic listener.

She heartily encouraged me to date Chris.

She has beautiful, fun, funny children that I adore.

Heather is real about her relationship with Jesus.

She has loved and served my brother very well. She is a steadfast and enduring wife.

Heather, I love you so much! I wish I could be with you as you celebrate your birthday this year. It's hard to be so far away from you and your kids, but God's purposes are very good in it. Lord willing, we will live close one day soon! I hope you enjoy your birthday a ton.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

8 Years Ago

I know Mother's Day is silly. I know it's a Hallmark holiday. I know it's one day to celebrate something that we ought to thank God for daily. Nonetheless, after my daughter was born in February 2003 that first Mother's Day was tough.

I felt like a mom in some ways, but in other ways I wasn't a mom at all. Did birthing a child qualify me to celebrate Mother's Day? Or did I have to wake up in the night and rock a baby to sleep to qualify? Every Mother's Day has been a little weird and a little sad for me. I kind of want to get flowers and a card and a big Thank You!

Chris reminded me of something really important last night. Every day, Mother's Day or not, is an opportunity to be thankful to God and to praise Him. If I am being self-focused on a random Tuesday or on my first "Kind of Mother's Day," then I'm not praising Him and there is no joy there.

This year I celebrate my FIRST and my EIGTH Mother's Day! And for that I'm so super thankful. I'm thankful to God that everyday for the past 7 months I get to hold Noah, get up with him in the night, rock him to sleep and nurse him. I'm thankful for a baby boy that brings me so much joy and constantly causes me to run to God for grace.
I'm also thankful that for the past 8 years I have gotten to call Aubrey my daughter. I'm thankful for her friendship and that God is growing her into such a beautiful and kind girl. I don't get to hold her and hug her and laugh with her often, but I do get to pray for her and thank Jesus that she is in my life.
God's plan is so very good! His way is perfect and He is wise in how handles each of our lives. After I had Aubrey the Lord opened my eyes and heart to Jesus and granted me repentance. I am adopted into His eternal family now. He blessed me with a relationship with my sweet daughter. He blessed me with my husband and now my precious son. They are all stewardships given to me for his glory and not my own. On my first/eighth Mother's Day I will praise God for His work in my life.

Thursday, May 5, 2011