Friday, March 25, 2011


Some of you might know that Chris' time at the school district here in Jackson has been pretty rough. The schedule was super demanding and often took away from ministry. His boss was just down right mean to him. He was really flexible and humble with all of it, but it was hard.

Today the Lord provided a new job for Chris!! I'm soooo thankful. He is going to be working at 3 Creek Golf of the best golf courses in the country. Tiger Woods has home there. He will be doing facility maintenance. The schedule is Monday-Friday either 7-3pm or 8-4pm... it's up to him. He may have to work some Saturdays during tournaments, but he won't have to work Sundays ever. The boss seems really nice. The work will be a lot more fun than what he was doing before. I'm just so so so excited for him. It's seasonal with the potential to be part time from November until next April. He would have to get another part time job. It's a little less income than he made at the school and they don't provide benefits...but we are sure that God will provide.

So excited!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And Suddenly He's 5 Months Old!

I think I just did my 4 month post the other day, but sure enough, he is five months old! Time really does fly. He doesn't do many new things... but he does do many wonderful things that I love so much! Some memories from this month...

Mommy and Daddy sneaking in to your room at night to watch you sleep. You sleep on your side now and it's ADORABLE.

When dad gets home late from work he says he always hears you chatting to yourself in your crib.

We have hard a very difficult week, but every time you smile at us it is hard to stay upset.

You sleep 12 straight hours now with no eating! Mommy is a new woman.

You are not a fan of the nursery at church.

Our dear friend Melissa babysat you and you had lots of fun with her.

You and Frazier are starting to take an interest in each other.

Winter Ready!
Hanging out on his tummy
Oh hi, bald spot
Sort of obsessed with these rosy cheeks
Right before he flipped over!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bradley!

Today my brother turns THIRTY! I'm tempted to say I can't believe that he's 30, but that's not entirely true. He has had a productive 30 years. He has been married for almost a decade and has three amazing kids (one who I have never met, but I hear she's amazing). He even has a house! God has been so kind to Bradley in his 30 years of life. I'm very thankful to have him as my brother! Some things that I love about having him for my brother....

Brad and I have inside jokes that no one else would appreciate... "I'm covered in oil!"

He loves to talk theology with my husband.

He is a fun dad.

He likes good music...but is open to even not so good music if it's lovely to him.

He is a true Goonies connoisseur and will give dirty looks when someone says the obvious quote, "Hey you guys!"

He used to be a rockstar.

He married a really wonderful woman that I love a lot.

He loves Jesus.