Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Big One Year Old!

Sloppy Joes are simmering on the stove for Gospel Community tonight. The boy is sleeping soundly. And I finally have a moment to catch up my blog!

We had a whirlwind birthday celebration for Noah this year. On Wednesday the 12th we celebrated our little boy as a family with our GC at home. It was a modest celebration to say the least. Chris got some free balloons from Smiths and I baked lemon cupcakes. We sang Happy Birthday to Noah and he went at that cupcake with some serious fervor. It was super cute for us to watch!

The next day we drove to Idaho Falls and flew into Long Beach to spend a week with family in California. Amalia and Dad picked us up and my family was so sweet to throw Noah a birthday party on the 14th. Mom got pizzas and an ice cream cake and Heather decorated with Toy Story stuff. Again, Noah had some serious fun with that cake! He got lots of special gifts from Nana and Papa, Brad, Heather and the kids, Paula, Aubrey and Carol and Ryanne. So sweet! We had to leave some of them in CA because I couldn't fit them in my bag... but we are driving home at Christmas and can get them then.

As for life with a one year old... it is fantastic! Noah is getting more and more fun and entertaining. Just yesterday he started signing "drink." He's definitely in to everything now that he can pull himself up. He loves to pull down the books, the recipes, the candles, and anything else he can get his little sticky hands on. Some new words that he says: "Baba" when I get the bottle out, "Noah!" (though I'm not sure that he knows what it means), and "Nana" when he sees her picture. He does really well with other people and in the nursery at church and I'm super thankful for that! This month he experienced his first time at the beach and he absolutely loved it. Everyday when Chris leaves for work he gives Dada kisses, high fives, and then we stand at the door and wave bye bye and blow kisses. It's probably my favorite time of day.