Saturday, September 29, 2012


O. M. Gosh. It is like soooo hot in LA right now and I am so totally ready to wear my skinnies, my boots and my new fab scarves.

Just kidding. I have been in CA for 2 months, but I don't talk like that yet. And I won't be wearing anything like skinny jeans for a very long time. But, it is crazy hot here and I am missing the crisp fall days in Jackson.

A godly woman shared with me last week that I need to be like Paul in Philippians 3:13 when he says, "But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead." She said the things we need to forget aren't always the bad, sinful things, but sometimes the wonderful things can become a distraction and an encumbrance that hinders us from running the race set before us with excellence. My thoughts about Jackson have been just that lately: an encumbrance and a source of discontentment. I know it's okay to miss my friends and miss my church, but I have so much to be thankful for about where we are at right now!!

Here are a few examples...

God graciously provided a job for Chris.... and it's just perfect for him! He is working at Peet's Coffee and Tea. It's only about 10 minutes from our house in Studio City, on Ventura Blvd. He LOVES coffee and is really enjoying to the job so far. We are praying for opportunities to share the Gospel with the people that he works with. Please pray that he gets more hours at work. He is only getting 12 hours right now and that is our main source of income.

We get to go to Grace Community Church. I feel like I'm in school again and it's wonderful. We hear a lot of wonderful teaching all week and it is encouraging me and pointing me to worship God regularly. As we study his Word, I am seeing his faithfulness to his people over and over and it's super encouraging. We get to hear 3 sermons every Sunday. John MacArthur has been doing a short series on abortion and homosexuality that is really moving me to compassion for people who are stuck in that sin.  Rich Gregory, our pastor of Mainstream, is teaching through Daniel and he is a really gifted teacher. On Sunday nights different leaders at the church are taking turns teaching on sanctification. Chris gets to go to TMS chapel two days a week, plus he has started the homework for his Old Testament class. I am going to Every Women's Grace and Seminary Wives every week and It has been wonderful accountability to dig in to the Word, to pray for other believers and to memorize scripture. One exciting thing is that my sister comes to EWG with me so I get to see her and the kids every week. It's such a blessing after four years away!

Our boys are healthy, happy, sleeping plenty, making new friends and just a joy to be around. Noah is in a serious heavy machinery phase that is all consuming. We are going to have a construction themed birthday party for him in a few weeks at my parent's house. On Thursday mornings he and I go to KinderGym at church and he gets to play with friends, learn a little Bible lesson, and eat snacks. It's super fun!

I am really thankful to connect with old friends and to make new friends. I have met a handful of really amazing women since I've moved here and it's been great to get to know them and their kids better. And it's been great to reconnect with old friends from Grace and get together with our kids. I've also been able to see some old, old friends from junior high and high school. So fun!

If you are reading this and want to pray for us, here are some specific ways that you could pray:

For Chris to get more hours at work.
For Chris and I to gain wisdom in how to grow in relationship with the people in our apartment complex. We have had some great conversations with people and are just trying to figure out how to serve them and share the Gospel with them. Pray specifically for Jim, Manny, Patricia and Fallon.
That God would keep providing for us financially.
That Chris would be well prepared for seminary!!
Last, we are hoping that Chris will eventually get hired at The Master's College as a security guard. Please pray a position opens up soon and that he gets hired!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A quick post

I just had to post a quick little update because Noah is saying the sweetest things lately and I don't want to forget it!

Yesterday I was feeding Jonathan and Noah came up and said, "Want to feed the baby..." as he lifted up his shirt. So funny!

Noah was standing in his highchair looking at Jonathan saying, "I wuv you baby Jonathan."

We spent time with Noah's cousins this weekend and since we got back he's been yelling across the house, "Auntie Becky!"

When Noah wakes up, he stumbles out of his room and says, "Where Daddy go? Where Baby Jonathan go?"

Some things we hear often:

"Help doing! Help doing! Help doing please!" if he loses a truck or gets stuck somewhere.
"Naked boy!" as he runs around the house naked.
"Whooooaaaa, big truck coming!"
"Mom, mom, mommy, momma, mom. Big truck."
"Loud noise." When I bring out the blender.
"Help Mommy."

If he gets into something he isn't allowed to touch and I tell him not to touch it, he looks at me very seriously and says, "That's Mommy's."

When we walk in the parking garage, I hear him whisper, "Careful, cars coming."

If I ask him what the Bible says, "Obey Mommy. Obey Daddy."

And lately if he doesn't want to do something I can coerce him by dinosaur-ing that thing. For instance, "Noah, take a big dinosaur bite," or "Okay, now stand on that dinosaur rug for a while," or "Let Mommy brush the dinosaurs out of your teeth." It's a wonderful trick.

Jonathan mostly just snuggles, eats, sleeps, and looks cute. He is starting to make more cooing noises and smile lots more. I just love everything he does.