Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sick day

Snuggling with JD while we watch Alias and my stomach wages war on my body.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A little piece of Jackson

My sweet friend Melissa sent this pretty necklace to me. I love it and I love her.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boy's room

Gave the kid's room a tiny makeover because they have so many toys. Some are going in storage until J is older and some are going to Goodwill. Noah is enjoying reading in his new circus tent. It's just what I would have done when I was little.

Christmas presents!

Here are some of the wonderful things we got for Christmas! I am really enjoying the homemade things. My dad made Chris a little box for all his things he tends to lose...ear buds, sunglasses, wallet etc. and it has a white board on it so I can write him love notes (or a to do list). Deb made me magnets from grandma Sarah's old dresses and a cool memo pad. I do love lists! Chris got me a couple cute sweaters and a new pretty journal. We also got lots of gift cards. And the boys got so many wonderful things. Too many to list! God is kind to keep providing nice things for sinners like us.

Noah is funny

A few funny Noah moments...

At the grocery store, "Hi friend! Hi people!" (to everyone that walks by) " I say hi friends. He say hi back." (Keeping me in the loop.)

Noah went in to wake up Chris, "Wake up Daddy! It's coffee time. There's coffee."

Me: "I love you Noah."
Noah: "I sure love you."

Me: "Let's go!"
Noah: "Break it down!"
(For you Yo Gabba Gabba fans)

A few Christmas photos

Here are a few photos from Christmas at my mom and dad's house. I love the ones with all the cousins in their pajamas. I can see it being passed around and enjoyed when they are all in high school. I look at their little faces and try to imagine what they will look like and who they will be in ten years. I pray The Lord gives them eyes to see their need for Christ.

Celebrating the Holidays with Family

Two things...

First, I finally got rid of my Facebook account...maybe just for a little while or maybe forever. I haven't quite decided. I have weighed the pros and cons for many years and the pros always won out, but I had a moment last week where it all seemed so clear that I needed to get rid of Facebook. I got rid of it for probably the same reasons you (my one or two readers) may have considered getting rid of it yourself. I need to find a better, less distracting way to update my friends and family on our life and let them see how our little boys are growing. Sooo, I'm going to really, really, very much try to keep this blog as updated as possible!

Second, we had a wonderful time with family over the holidays! We spent four days with my family in Frazier Park over Thanksgiving and it was super relaxing and fun to watch the kids play for hours. In between Thanksgiving and Christmas I decorated our apartment for Christmas, had some folks from our new Bible study over a couple times, and just hung out mostly. For Christmas Mike and Debbie came to CA and we kept them very busy. We went to the Grace Church Christmas concert, went to Love Sushi (and roll) and looked at Christmas lights, took them to Chik Fil A, etc. Then we spent a few days with my family in Frazier Park.

This year we did a gift exchange among the adults where we drew a name and a letter and we had to get them a gift that started with that letter and was under $10. It was SO fun! I got my mom and I was able to get her Encouragement (a note from me), Exfoliate (a homemade coffee sugar scrub), Enjoy (a carmel eclair from Porto's), Example (Biographical sermons on missionaries), Entertainment (two tickets to the movie theater) and Energy (some Peet's coffee)...all for under the $10. Debbie got me and she got me a Magazine subscription, Magnets, Memo pads, a Map and Mints. It was so fun to see what everyone came up with and I'm loving using the homemade part of my gifts.

Next time I blog I will try my hardest to post some photos!