Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Musings and Grumblings...

Well, I obviously haven't been very good at posting on here. The excitement about pregnancy quickly turned to constant nausea and I can hardly stand it. As I type Chris is driving around the west bank looking for something that I might want to eat. I just feel so awful! I cry a lot right now... mostly about feeling sick. I'm trying to find joy in the Lord and to be thankful for this time in life, but it's been a lot more difficult than I would have thought.

Lord willing, we are moving to a two bedroom place in a few weeks. There's still some issues that we have to pan out with the apartment we are in, but it looks like we'll be packing up pretty soon. I'm so excited about having more space and actually having a bedroom! It's super cute and it's right in the price range we were hoping for. I'm very thankful that there will be a missions team from TMC here during that time to help us move so I won't have to do too much on my own. It's just so hard to do things right now!

Some baby things I've been thinking about...
1. Should we vaccinate our baby?? Should we wait until they are older?
2. Talking about baby names a lot a week ago and now not so much
3. Throwing around the idea of putting red, gold and brown in the baby room. I decided I'm not into pink and blue for a room...or a baby theme at all.
4. Thinking about finding a used day bed and a trundle for the baby room for guests!
5. I won't have to go to the restaurant to work anymore!!!!!!!!
6. How on earth do I decide what things to register for???
7. Will baby sleep in our bed? for how long?
8. Setting aside 30 bucks a month for cloth diapers so I can have my dream and use Fuzzybuns.
9. How will I ever get through birth naturally??

Now mothers, I know it might be tempting to say, "Baby in the bed!! The nerve." or "CLOTH DIAPERS?? So naive." But refrain for now because I am in a fragile state. Though I would love to hear thoughts on some of those things.

Also, I've been having super weird dreams lately. Lots of dreams about my midwife who I haven't met yet. Last night in my dream her office manager chewed me out and last week I dreamt that I went to my first appointment in the grocery store and she was just awful. I just took a nap and dreamt that Martha Stewart went to my Bible Study and I was trying to find a way to ask her to do my baby shower. Then I woke up and was so excited that I have a mom and mom-like friends that seriously know how to throw amazing showers!!! Can't wait until August!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've been dying to post this somewhere, but wasn't quite ready for the dreaded Facebook announcement. So I thought I would post on my humble blog so all three of you who read this would know that I'm pregnant!!! Yay!!! We are so excited! There's still a few people that I couldn't get a hold of to tell on the phone, but hopefully I'll get a hold of them today. All the moms, dads, and siblings know already. We found out yesterday afternoon. Wednesday Dr. Trott told me that I would have to have another surgery on my mouth so my moms started planning a trip out here then it dawned on me that if I'm pregnant there won't be any surgery so I should figure that out soon so they don't book the trip. Sure enough, pregnant. Also sure enough, they still want to book the trip so we can be excited all together! I have to talk to Dr. Trott tomorrow and figure out what this means for my surgery, but I'm finding rest in God's sovereignty and knowing that conception is a miracle every time and God's hand is behind this. It may not have been my exact timing because of health concerns I've had lately, but I know that God is knitting together this baby in my womb that he knew before the foundations of the earth, so I'm pretty sure that He knows exactly what He's doing. It blows me away to think that before there was ever an earth or an Adam or an Eve, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were communing in perfect harmony and decided that in January 2010 (even though they are completely outside space and time) this tiny poppy-seed-size baby would form! It comforts me to think that He knows exactly what this baby's name will be, what the sex is, how they'll look, and if they'll have all their little parts. What a precious gift. Chris and I are truly blown away. Yesterday I was like a deer in the headlights all day, then I woke up excited to think that we are already parents to a tiny baby that we will get to meet this Fall! Yay!!!