Thursday, January 17, 2013

Noah Moments

Noah was whining and saying, "I don't like this! I don't want this in my mouth!"
I said, "What's in your mouth Noah?"
"I don't like these hiccups in my mouth!"

He is supposed to be napping but he came out of his room dancing instead. I said, "Noah why aren't you sleeping?"
"I'm dancing!"
"Well, you need to be sleeping. What happened in your room?"
"Woody's a naked boy."
(He took Woody's vest off and wanted me to put it back on)

Noah came in my room at around 3am whining and crying, "Frazier dog push me. Come here. I show you." And he walked me to his room then went back to bed.

"I need candy Mommy. Like a sucker."

Every time Chris leaves for work or school, "I wanna get you a kiss! I wanna get you a snuggle!"

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  1. what a sweet boy...he reminds me of Elijah. I just read so many of your old posts. I haven't been on in too long. It sounds like California is treating you well....makes me miss our seminary days, but I am glad to be in the Northwest.